View from the Nest #15

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Weekly Summary

  • Buying DPI via Transak

  • Metaverse Q&A

  • CGI x YAM

  • The bull case for $INDEX

Assets under vault: $125.13m (+15.9%)

Across 1 product: $DPI: $440.48 (+9.2%)

Index token: $30.33 (+27.7%)

Figures correct as of 14th Feb, (7 day change shown in brackets)

Buying DPI via Transak

Thanks to our recent partnership with Transak you can now buy DPI directly with British Pounds, Euros or Indian Rupees! We’ve also added a neat little Buy button on the website, just to make it that little bit easier for those looking to hold the best of DeFi in one token.

Metaverse Q&A

Monday saw a community call to introduce the Metaverse Index. AG, Mason and I all gave a short overview of how the thesis and methodology came together, before those on the call jumped in with their questions.

One takeaway was that we should still look into partnering with a brand to help market the index and provide key insights into the space. Others were interested in the thinking behind using a market cap + liquidity weighted methodology, and questioned if there were other ways to approach the calculation, for example by measuring platform usage.

One of the most interesting points on the call was the conversation around the index functioning as part of a ‘core/satellite’ investment strategy. This term is used to describe picking individual stocks as satellites, to compliment a core holding of equity/bond funds. In the Metaverse this equates to holding the Metaverse Index token, containing all the top tokens in the space, but then perhaps buying a Hashmask or your favourite Bullrun Babe to compliment the core thesis.


The new Coinshares index isn’t even out yet (Soon™), but that hasn’t stopped the community over at YAM Finance from preparing to diversify part of their treasury into it! The snapshot poll closes tomorrow but at the time of writing, has 100% in favour of allowing the treasury to purchase CGI. This is a great vote of confidence in the CGI and will pave the way for many a DAO treasury to consider it as a way to hedge against volatility and preserve purchasing power into the future.

The Bull Case for $INDEX

They don’t call him Lemonade Alpha for nothing. Out in the Twittersphere leaking bullish info about the INDEX token and Index Coop as a whole, LA laid out his thinking around how the numbers might look for us in 2023. Keep in mind this is just in terms of $DPI and we still have Coinshares, Token Terminal, the Metaverse index…

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